Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Photos!

Hi all
We had a lovely Christmas Eve dinner with Rob's brother and his family, my folks, Dave, Linda and Jeremy! Peg and Don brought dinner, which was incredible, and we all had a blast. Loic loves his cousins Iain and Ryan (even after a slight dinosaur related argument) and loves to copy whatever Ryan does. The big hit of the evening: wearing a salad bowl on your head!

Loic wants his own salad bowl

Ryan shows him how it is done

Silly boys with Auntie Peggy

Grown up Lolo wearing his bowl :)

We had a whirlwind visit up to Powel River for Christmas dinner with my mom's folks, which was also really nice.

Hope everyone had a merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


So, Loic can say "Santa!" now so when we heard that there were dog (and baby!) photos with Santa being put on for a dog fundraiser, we went to see Santa! Loic was much more interested in the "woof woofs" that were present, and didn't seem to mind Santa.

And, a flash from the past:

He has changed so much in a year. He is now running, chatting away and is still as happy as he was as a little baby. Awwwww!