Saturday, July 27, 2013

Summertime catch up

We spend a lot of time outside in the summer, so blogging has taken a bit of a backseat.  If we are home for the evening, and after the kids are asleep, I like to garden and sometimes stay outside until it is just too dark to see anything anymore.  When we are home on the weekends, you can usually find us all in the backyard playing in the pool.  The dogs are doing well - Tyler is teaching Rally with my one night a week and we are both enjoying it.

We have been keeping busy!  I haven't posted since AAC Regionals - a lot of fun things have happened since then.

This baby continues to be both totally ADORABLE and potentially naughty all at the same time:

So very, very cute!

This little boy continues to be awesome in most ways and funny, funny, funny:

Eating Pink Berry on Father's Day

My spring garden did very well and I *may* have planted too many peas...I had two huge patches of green peas and still have half a bed full of sweet peas; I will cut back a bit next year on the peas I think!

Shelling peas on the left, sweet peas on the right

Baby Robertson came to visit!!  It was lovely meeting him and spending time with him and Erin too, of course:

Robertson with his Grandma

One of us (Tyler, cough, Tyler...) ate 6 pounds of kibble in one sitting.  This certain someone earned himself a $162 trip to the vet to be um, relieved, of said kibble:

The vet said "I have never seen so much food in one dog!"  

 Maelle continues to insist on wearing a hat at all times (we draw the line at when she is sleeping but she sure tries!)  She says "Ha! Ha! Ha!" meaning "Hat!" and points at one of her various hats until she has it on her head...funny girl!

Unflattering hat but still cute!

While they took forever to grow, our carrots are very tasty:

My gardening sidekick and I

We were supposed to have Loic's Birthday party last Sunday but someone went and caught Scarlett Fever (yes, you can still get Scarlett Fever!)  Poor kid had a high temp and a *terrible* rash.  After less than a day on antibiotics he was much, much better.  We are having his party tomorrow instead :)

My poor hot, itchy, boy at the Doctor last week

Speaking of Birthdays...look who turned 4 last Thursday!  Rob and I picked him up from daycare for a special birthday lunch, just the 3 of us.  Loic requested a pirate pack so off to White Spot we went!

I sure love this boy!

Bad picture, but look who is walking!  And who can now wear pigtails!!  That dress is so lovely, Grandma Barb bought it last summer for her :)

Chatty, mobile, cute baby girl

Last but not least, I harvested garlic today!  10 months to grow, 10 minutes to pick:

So worth the wait!

Tomorrow is the big party - wish us all luck!!