Saturday, September 26, 2009

Our trip to Powel River

My mom, Loic and I were just in Powel River for three nights.  Loic was a very good baby and got to meet a lot of family members!  Loic spent a lot of time being put into and out of the car, and into and out of his stroller and was a super star about it all.  
Loic with his Great Grandmama.
With Great Aunt Alice.
With 101 year old Great Grandma!
With Great Aunt Linda.
My grandparents and mom, sitting in the sun.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Squid meets The Horse

First a shot of Dad and Squidy.  We went to say hi to Jeff today, who is staying at the "horsey spa" for three weeks.  He ran out of hay (he eats a lot) so Rob and I delivered a few more bales for him.  He sure likes it out there but he did come on over to say hi to us when we got there.  

Proud Daddy.
Here is Loic's first meeting with Jeffree!  
Jeffree sniffed the baby all over when we went in to say hi; he is such a kind animal.  

A busy Day!

Today was Erin's birthday party!  When we got there, Erin asked Squidy to dance and he said yes, of course, because he does like pretty women!  Here he is dancing away with Erin - his first dance!

A great shot of the Squid and his Auntie Erin - Happy 29th Birthday Erin!!
Before the party, Squidy and I spent a lovely afternoon having tea with Jessica and her dogs (Tycho and Zeus).  Unlike our last visit with Jody, no one got peed on today! :)  He sure likes smiling now and smiled his little heart out for Jess.  He is just so cute.  

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Picking up Erin!

Loic and I went to the airport today to pick up Aunt Erin.  After a nice drive, we got there a few minutes before her plane landed.  Loic was fast asleep in his wrap (which is a god send, he loves that carrier and so do I) because he had fallen asleep in the car.  We then waited almost 2 hours for Erin to make it through customs and Loic only started to cry about two minutes before Erin came out!  He was hungry and who could blame him at that point?  I was so happy to see Erin and to have her finally meet Loic!

Being held by Auntie Erin.
Auntie Erin and Loic - who is happy now that he has eaten!
Another great Auntie Erin and Loic shot :)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New Photos

Loic posing for the camera from on his play mat.
Toby sitting with Loic (and wagging his tail!).  I am pretty sure Toby thinks that the play mat is for him and that baby just uses it on occasion :)
Another super cute head shot, taken from his crib.  

Rob took some photos of Loic today while he was playing with him on his jungle themed play mat.  Loic really likes his play mat because it has lights in it that flash in different colours.

A lovely hike

Today, Toby, Tyler Loic and I met our friend Julia and her two dogs for a walk on the dykes.  We all had a great time - Loic likes to look up at the trees and sky from his stroller as we walk and Tyler had a very good time running with the other big dogs.  Toby (sigh) is still nervous on the dykes because of the blueberry gun incident which occurred about 10 weeks ago.  He hates the sound of the blueberry guns and walks glued to my leg, shaking.  Maybe he will get over it in another few months!

Loic is now napping in his crib midday, which for the past few days has been a huge struggle.  He seems to think that a nap should last for oh, 20 minutes when I am pretty sure he should be sleeping for about 2 hours like he was doing last week!!  Funny baby. 

I will post new photos soon from when we meet Erin at the airport tomorrow!  Note to self - do NOT FORGET YOUR CAMERA!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Sheep Herding

Today, Loic, Toby and I went to watch Auntie Jody and Ryan the border collie practice their sheep herding skills (Tyler can't come because he is a bit obsessive about the sheep and won't stop barking, ever).  Toby had a great time playing with the dogs, digging in the dirt and barking at the very large sheep guarding dog who outweighs him by about, oh, 150 pounds.  Smart.  In typical baby fashion, Loic stayed awake for about three minutes once we arrived but I had a good time watching Ryan do his thing and I think Toby liked the be out with just his mom.

This past weekend, we also attended the SAINTS silent auction.  We had a really nice time and Loic was a very good boy.  He only cried once during the actual auction and the auctioneer asked him if he was making an offer!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Photo Shoot!

Loic smiling away at Mommy :)
Still smiling :)
Loic and Toby cuddling with Mom on the nursing pillow.  Loic seems to really like the dogs, maybe because they are so soft, and Toby is a lovely dog to pet. 

Loic is now just over 7 weeks old and is growing in leaps and bounds.  He weighs 9 pounds 10 ounces now and is smiling a lot.  On weekend mornings, Loic spends time with his Dad while Mom gets to sleep in.  (This ritual is MUCH appreciated by Mom).  
We are getting into a lovely nap ritual where Loic will nap in the middle of the day, in his crib, for up to two hours!  He is also starting to sleep for about 4 hours in a row at night - yipee!
Loic likes lying on his play mat, looking up at the flashing lights and the hanging animal toys.  

Friday, September 4, 2009

All Smiles

Yesterday, Loic started smiling.  He smiled at his grandma, his mom and dad and his aunt Jody!  Such a nice little boy.  We will have to get a photo of him smiling soon!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Overalls are Cute

Here is a photo of Tyler, doing what labs do best - being an awesome family dog!   (Don't worry, we don't leave the dogs alone with the baby).

Here is Loic wearing his ever so cute overalls with his Dad.