Sunday, June 28, 2015

Kindergarten year is over!

Where did the last year go??  Between my school and Loic's first year of school it sure felt like a whirl wind.  

Loic graduated from Kindergarten last Friday.  He is such a nice boy.  He still wants to be a scientist - but has now decided to be a Palaeontologist and an Arachnologist - no more cave science for him I guess :)  And his current obsession involves all of the Lego Mixels he can get his hands on, including asking us daily (hourly?) who our favourite mixel character is.  Adorable if not annoying at times :)  

We have a combo of myself, my folks, camps and Yma watching Lolo for the summer.  He is sure excited about a few of the camps!  One week up Grouse with his buddy Holden and one week up Seymour with his buddy Ezra!  Maelle will stay with her normal schedule at daycare where she tends to rule the roost.

I have one month to finish my thesis project before I head back to work; wish me luck!


Jody and I spent 5 days in LA in June!  We had such a fun time.  Note to self: take Ativan in the airport lounge prior to boarding flight, do not wait until actually on the plane (sorry Jody - the flight there was awesome but I did have a 5 min unhelpful freakout on the way home.....I tried to make do without meds but clearly that is not a good idea.  At all. )

And Maelle is still as funny and sassy as ever!!  She likes to tell Loic that 'sharing is caring!' while taking toys away from him.....we are working on sharing with this one.....

All three dogs are doing well - Taz needs some major dental work, poor guy (and poor bank account).  I am sure Toby will need some work done soon too - why, oh why do these small dogs have such terrible dental issues??

We are coming up on the 12 year anniversary of when we adopted Tyler - seems so crazy to me!  I never thought he would a) be kind of normal b) live this long c) seem like a normal dog sometimes :) but I am so happy he is still with us, barking issues and all.

Well, back to my project!

- E