Friday, June 29, 2012

Long Weekend

Rob, Maelle and I are taking a mini-vacation this weekend without Loic.  We were going to attempt a weekend camping at a friend's cabin but that didn't sound very relaxing to me because I wasn't keen on chasing Loic around the lake with a baby in tow, so, when Jody asked to look after Loic we said sure!  We are going to spend a night in Seattle and Loic is having a stay-cation at home with his aunty Jody :)  He has asked me to "go away now" so that he can start his weekend with her...I am going to go out on a limb and say he will be fine without us.

Maelle had her first set of shots today, a bit late, but she seems ok so far.  I weighed her and at 12 weeks she weighs 12 pounds - that means she has gained 5 pounds in 12 weeks!  Go baby go.  She has been such a good baby, makes me want another one (sorry Rob!!) but maybe another dog down the line will help convince me that 2 kids is all I need...he can only hope.

Aunty Jody and baby Maelle relaxing in the back yard

Monday, June 25, 2012

The world's nicest family pet

The baby was lying on her blanket, enjoy the yard, and Loic and I were playing in his new pool.  Tyler, the best dog ever, chooses to lie down near baby whenever he can - it is so sweet.

 Watching over his baby :)
(Too bad he would be too scared if anyone tried to actually take his baby!!  His heart sure is in the right place, he is such a big softie).

 Sitting next to his baby

 This photo is of Tyler, who was fast asleep on the couch, snoring with his ball in his mouth

 It was bright out but if you look closely, you can see that every inch of Lolo is covered in ice cream!  He was quite pleased!!

 This is Maelle, fast asleep, on our kitchen table in the amazing baby "box" my cousin lent us - so awesome.  This kid can sleep anywhere!!!  She tends to nap in random places (wherever we are at that moment!) in the mornings and nap in her crib for her big afternoon nap.

She looks

All is going well at our house.  Today both kids napped at the same time for two hours in their beds!!  I chose to ignore the laundry and sit in the sunny back yard with Jody, all 5 of our dogs and my mom came over for a visit :)  It was the first sunny day in forever and we took advantage of it.

Jody and I went to Canadian tire this morning and we bought an awesome pool for Loic for this summer.  I would post a picture of him in his pool but he is naked in ever single shot!!  He loves his pool a lot and got a total kick out of being allowed to use the hose to fill it - I think Jody only got a little wet during the process!  We also need to train Lolo not to pee in the pool.... :)

Maelle will be 12 weeks old tomorrow - where on earth does the time go?


Friday, June 22, 2012

Easiest and Nicest Baby on the Block

I hope I am not jinxing us here but Maelle is such an easy baby.  She is quick to smile, doesn't really cry unless she is hungry, sleeps well and is generally so easy to be with.  She eats like a champion - she must weigh close to 13 pounds now - and is just content most of the time.  If she is fussy, she usually just needs to eat and nap and is then good to go again!  She turned 11 weeks old this week, where does the time go?!?
Loic is still an awesome big brother.  He is so, so funny and says the funniest things!  His love affair with batman and spiderman continues.  I used it to my advantage with respect to potty training and bought him a batman costume.... he wears underwear all day now unless asleep and is very reliable when it comes to peeing on the potty, we are working hard on #2 but it will happen soon, I can feel it!
I am really enjoying my days home with the kids, even when Loic is on the potty dawdling and Maelle is hungry.
 Chubby post-bath baby!!

 Girl clothing is adorable.

Batman!!!  He has a love-hate relationship with this costume, sometimes it is too scary, other times he loves it.

The dogs are also doing well - Tyler is going strong at about 9 and a half, Toby is his usual clingy self and Arthur, well, Arthur is fine and dandy.  Tyler is still the best family pet ever :) he kisses the baby when I am nursing her and lets Loic pet, hug and dress him up.  Such a good boy!