Sunday, March 11, 2012

Catch up (again!)

Long time no post! Sorry Erin :)
I am now 37 weeks pregnant and the end is in sight. I still haven't put on much weight, about 15 pounds now, but baby is growing. I will not be allowed to go overdue because of the gestational diabetes so if I don't go into labour will be induced. That is ok with me, I was induced with the bean too and he turned out alright :) Here he is learning how to ski!

In other news, the dogs are well although Artie is now on heart meds. He is doing really well but can't stop peeing in the house.....
Rob won a very prestigious building award and we are all really, really proud of him! Here is a link to the winners:
I am now off work and am busy getting baby's room ready because who knows when she will show up? Getting excited/nervous.