Saturday, April 30, 2011

Arthur's Revenge (and Hockey) and "Pie"

Tonight, thanks to a friend of ours, Rob and I went to the Canucks game! Now, the ending wasn't great, but we saw some friends there and had a really nice time.
Jess and Susan fed Loic dinner and put him to bed, then my Dad came over to take over the Loic-sitting duties! Thanks to all three of you :)

We took Arthur with us in the car (which he is very used to and likes) and left in the secure underground in his crate so that no one could see him or try to steal him. Although, good luck to you if you want to try to steal that dog!! We took him with us because he won't stop barking at my dad. Ever. Dad called me once while Arthur sitting to say that it had been 1.5 hours and he couldn't get Arthur to stop barking...but I digress.

While we were at the game, Arthur decided to have a random poop-fest in his crate. The car smelled so badly when we got in, and Arthur got hosed off and bathed when we finally got home. On the plus side, no poop managed to find its way out of the crate and onto my car, which was nice. We will deal with the crate tomorrow, which should be just awesome.

I will leave you with a picture of what happens when you give a 21 month old a chocolate ice cream bar that he ate with gusto. Grandpa gave it to him, isn't that what grandpa's are for?! We all think so. So cute!! Thanks for the photo Dad :)

Yummmmm- pie. Loic calls most sweet things "Pie"


Monday, April 25, 2011

Arthur fell into a hole, back yard, dinner

We had a nice long weekend. Rob worked on our new fence (lovely like the last one) so that we can sit in the yard and Loic can't fall onto the patio or crawl under the deck. This is an important addition to the yard and means that on sunny days, we can sit on our awesome hammocks while Loic plays with his toys on the lawn :) All we need to do now is teach Jody not to fall out of her hammock while yelling at my mother on the deck. Best. Moment. Ever. My only wish is that we had it on video.

Our back deck is also awesome and has a gate at the top of the stairs so if we want shade, we can sit on the deck and Loic can play. Equally perfect, we really like our back yard.
Garden update: this weekend I planted peas, some more lettuce and transplanted some perennials into my front garden. Next weekend - more potatoes in my front garden and Ryan's peas and more radishes in the back garden. Ryan, I planted some of your millet, chickpeas and lentils in large pots that will sit on my deck, looking forward to seeing these plants, thanks for the interesting seeds!

Loic loving my mom's berry sauce :)

Now onto the fun part - here are some photos of Arthur, who fell into a fence post hole while Rob and I were eating lunch in the house. Arthur was fine, so I took the time to call Rob outside to look while I took photos of Artie in his hole :)
Here you go!

Poor Arthur! It must have been some kind of payback for his evil ways... :)

On a side note, I made an incredibly healthy and incredibly tasty dinner tonight - ground turkey lettuce wraps. I have made them before but this batch was the best: spicy, tasty and full of veggies. Yum.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Garden notes

I am going to try to write down what I plant and when so that I can remember what works and what doesn't in this new garden.
Last weekend, Rob finished my garden fence (which is lovely and nicer than the chicken wire fence I asked for, you were right Rob) and I finished sifting and spreading the excess soil. Then, I moved a few strawberry plants around and planted some kale and parsley.
Today, I did some work on my front perennial garden, mowed the back lawn for the first time this year and planted some radish seeds, lettuce seeds and some red onion sets. I also moved my raspberries (sorry plants) and moved some more strawberry plants around. I hope they aren't too upset about the moving, this is it plants! Oh, and I put in two rhubarb plants by my compost bin, they have room to spread out and it is a good spot for them.
Loic came outside and "helped" by carrying around various garden tools, his truck and by splashing in any water he could find. He is so funny, every time he sees something new or interesting he says "Oooohhhhh!!" so cute.
Next time I get out to the garden I am going to put in some peas, my brother sent me some neat seeds and his peas plus some I got at the garden store are going in, and I will plant some flower seeds he gave me.