Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Life updates

Hi all
Well, a lot has gone on in the past month. Last weekend, I was a bridesmaid for my friend Erin! She had a lovely wedding weekend in Parksville and I had a great time. No photos yet because my other half spent the whole weekend in the hotel room with food poisoning/stomach flu...poor Rob. I had bridesmaid duties to attend to and didn't bring a camera. Her photographers were awesome and I can't wait to see the pictures! We didn't bring Loic with us and he spent the weekend with his two favorite Aunties. I didn't worry about him at all knowing he was having a great time with Jody and Jess!
The weekend before, Loic was sick with a stomach bug :( I felt so terrible for him, he was really ill. But - aside from being vomited on - he was so cuddly; he doesn't usually sit still for cuddles for long so I must say that was nice. Not that I want him to be sick, he is much funnier when feeling good!
Toby and Arthur have oddly been having seizures this spring. Toby has had two, Artie about 5. They are random and unrelated. We did some abdominal tests on Toby because he had an odd liver value show up on a test, but everything was good. We are in a "watch and wait" pattern.

Big boy in the tub!

Sick in bed with Daddy. So. Cute.

Asleep on Daddy when sick. Again, So. Cute.