Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Smart SMART black dog

We went to Regionals last weekend and I am still stunned at how well Tyler did.

We got: 5th in Jumpers, clean run and 7 seconds under time
We got: 6th in the 2nd Jumpers, clean run and 11 seconds under time
We got: the Gamble in the 2nd Gamblers - this never, ever happens

We also only had 5 faults and 10 faults in Standard.  Oh my gosh was Tyler ever awesome.

Drumroll....we ended up with just over 466 points!  This from the dog that had only 200 or so at his first Regionals and just over 350 at his second.  He was on fire this weekend.  We only needed 350 to qualify and he got over 100 more than that!!!

We ended up 10th overall in a very competitive division - such a good, good dog.

It was slightly disheartening to hear and see all the talk about breeders, and importing puppies, just to do agility with.  My VAS adopted lab kept up and beat a lot of those fancy 'sport bred' dogs and I couldn't be happier.

I shall do a rant about that topic later, for tonight I am just so, so so happy with Tyler :)


(ps - pics and video to follow)