Sunday, November 13, 2011

Cough - Ideas? And some news

I haven't posted anything about it yet but I am 20 weeks pregnant with a baby girl. We are really excited and I am understandably a bit nervous. We had out big ultrasound on Thursday and have had a few in the past few weeks, the last two have said girl :)

My question to my four readers is this: I have a cough, a bad one. It started with a cold and has ended with a non stop cough. I mean I cough for two hours straight when I try to fall asleep and once I am asleep, I wake up coughing for another hour or two after three hours. I have tried the following:

-humidifier cranked up near my bed
-sleeping basically upright
-the one cough syrup pregnant people can use (as recommended by my doctor) which does nothing at all
-enough water to fill a small bath tub daily
-hot water with lemon and honey
-these lame "cough drops" aka sugar pills (can't eat any of the real ones, they have bad stuff for pregnant women in them)

Tonight I am going to take a benadryl to see if that can at least help with the sleep part. I am not keen on taking anything while pregnant but that one is ok and I have to think that this not sleeping for two weeks can't be good for baby either.

So, I am pregnant and totally exhausted because of the coughing. It apparently a post viral cough and I am not willing or wanting to take antibiotics because my lungs sound good, it is just a dry hacking totally annoying cough.

Thoughts? I have wasted the last two weekends and the past week feeling like crap and need to get better soon or at least get some sleep. I have never had a cough like this - Rob has taken to sleeping downstairs because I am up all night long. I have watched some interesting TV at 4:00 am...interesting indeed.

(And no Erin, we aren't telling anyone the baby's name :) but you can keep trying to get it out me sneakily)