Sunday, March 27, 2011

Diaper Rash drama

So, it happened. After about 20 months, Loic has a nasty case of diaper rash. After trying in vain to treat it ourselves, we went to the Dr. a week and a half ago for help. It was diagnosed as a yeast infection, so we got a prescription and away we went. We stopped using wipes and switched to water and clothes and it got better. We also used some yeast infection cream but now, now it is back. I have no idea what happened! It was looking so nice and then yesterday, back to square one.
So, faithful readers, anyone have any tips?! Nothing has changed, he hasn't been on any antibiotics, hasn't been sick, I think he is getting some molars.
Thoughts?! He is sore and it is upsetting us. I will head back to Dr. this week if it doesn't improve.
Oh, we tried no diaper this evening to air out his bum and that did not go well. At all. He peed and then sobbed because it stung and after fixing that, had a number two which went worse...
Arghhh! I want him to feel better. Poor bug.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

No no!

A bit of back story, the day before Rob took this video, Loic and Tyler were playing with some sticks at the park and Tyler took a stick from Loic that he did not want taken. It caused a bit of drama, no idea why that particular stick was so important, but it certainly was! The next day, Loic was at the park with Rob while I made dinner (without Tyler) and Rob asked him if Ty-ty could have his stick, here is what he said:

Ha ha! He is starting to have a mind of his own that boy!! He is still very good natured and funny, funny funny. And Tyler, Tyler is so soft and nice and kind with him, makes me so happy to watch the two of them. Loic understand absolutely everything you ask/tell him.

Loic rode Jeffree today and had a blast! He sat up there on his own, grinning from ear to ear and when we took him off, he kept saying "Up! Up! Up!" and pointing at Jeffree. That is a nice horse!

I am feeling much better this week, no more awful nausea, but am still tired. Rob built me a fence around my veggie garden and I did a lot of prep work today to start planting veggies! I still need to move some raspberry canes and figure out where to put some rhubarb, then it is pea, lettuce, kale and onion time!


Monday, March 21, 2011

20 months (Lolo) and 12 weeks...

Hi all, long time no post! Erin, as promised here are some lolo photos!!

Riding the train at the mall, oh my gosh he loves trains!!

We learned he likes chocolate and bananas together. A lot.

Shockingly cute!

Cheeky little monkey :)

So, big news at our house. On January 23rd, I peed on a stick and saw this:

Yup, pregnant! And 12 weeks about today, with a due date of October 3rd-ish. Other than being extremely ill this pregnancy, things appear to be going well. For not having been sick a day with Loic, this baby is making up for lost time. I have been sick sick sick since week #4, here is hoping that this is the turning point. As long as baby is healthy, we will be happy and Rob has been a rock star these past 8 weeks. I often have to lie down after work and he and Lolo play trains and eat dinner without me these nights. So nice.

Speaking of Loic, he is almost 20 months old now!! And is a funny, chatting machine. I was planning on nursing him until 2 years old, but have been so ill that something had to give and last week was the last time he nursed. I have had to go home a lot at lunch to lie down and once I cut out his lunchtime nursing (I went to the nanny's house every lunch to nurse him on work days) my milk supply just gave out. I am sad, but he seems A-Ok so that is something at least. And I feel prepared for nursing baby #2 now, I learned a lot at the beginning with Loic and learned that nursing past one is just wonderful.

Work is going well, the dogs are well (will post a video of a smart smart black lab soon!) and the house is great too. Artie has had a few seizures in the past few weeks and we are keeping an eye on them but he is his same old self for now.

Will post ultrasound pics in two weeks!