Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A trip down to the Farm

Last weekend Loic and I spent two days at Jody's farm!  We left with Jody Saturday at lunch and came home at dinner on Sunday.  We had a great time - Loic loved the animals, I was shocked at how comfortable and fearless he was around them all.  It was really, really special; Loic loved that it was just him and I.  I need to make a point of doing stuff with just him, he was super well behaved and we had a total blast!  Thanks Jody, we had a great time.

Loic *LOVES* chickens, much like his Grandpa - must be genetic?!  Jody has one very tame chicken and Loic can pick that chicken out of the crowd.....sorry chicken!!  I hope he is still tame after Loic picked him up all weekend!

Jody and Jess gave me an awesome birthday gift on Saturday before we went to the island - a family photo shoot!  They have both shared a few pictures with us and we totally love them.

Here is one I love:

These two are just so adorable!

I must say, cudos to you two for trying to get all of us to both look at you and not close our eyes in the same photos!!!  What an aweome gift!


Saturday, November 9, 2013

Oh Tyler

We are almost 5 weeks into Tyler's recover and he is doing really well.
We have been cleared to go on 15 min walks which we are both enjoying.
We have another rehab session next week and just yesterday, he had his first massage which he really seemed to like (he even fell asleep at one point!).

Then today, I gave each kid a box of raisins to eat at the table.  I then ran downstairs to put on a load of laundry (Rob was around, don't worry, the kids were not at risk of choking) and when I came into the room Loic said "Maelle is giving Tyler raisins!" ugh.  I called the clinic and figured he ate between 1-7 raisins and the vet said we should come in to make him vomit.

Having been down this road a few months back due to him consuming 6 pounds of kibble in one sitting, I knew it would suck.  He is a hard patient to make vomit, he has a bit of an iron stomach.  I was super worried about him hurting his back too.

Anyways, after much debate we took him in.  He was predictably hard to make vomit but we did get at least one raisin out - and we found 4 more at home so we figure he should be ok.  We will do a urine test in the morning and as long as he is able to concentrate his urine we should be in the clear....

Oh dog, are you trying to kill ME?!?  He is now resting comfortably and I am about to give him his first dose of charcoal.  Fun times!


Friday, November 1, 2013

Tyler, Pumpkin Patch & Halloween

We had a nice Halloween this year (well, the dog would seriously disagree but I digress).
Maelle went as a baby dragon - adorable - and Loic went as Batman!  He said Batman doesn't smile in photos.  We started at my parents' house and then my mom and I walked with the kids up to Dave and Linda's.  A fun night for us all.  Well, not Rob - he stayed home with the terrified dogs.  Why do people feel the need to blow up sticks of dynamite on Halloween?  I will never understand it.

She spent a lot of the night asking us for Chocolate

Batman is very serious about photos :)

We are almost at the 4 week point with Tyler's recovery.
We have now done 3 acupuncture sessions and have our 4th and last session tomorrow.  Tyler has improved enough to go to rehab and we went to our first session this week.  Tyler did an awesome job!  The sessions are an hour long at Canada West with two rehab technicians.  They did some laser therapy, some exercises (that we do at home 3 times a day) and Tyler learned how to go into the underwater treadmill contraption.  They gave him a lot of cookies so he was game to play along.

"I am in a giant glass box full of water but there are COOKIES!!"

Tyler is not in any pain anymore, but, he has to relearn how to use his hind end properly.  The goal of rehab is to teach him how to walk properly so that he has less of a chance of re-injuring himself.  Rob still has to carry him up and down the stairs and I use a sling; he can do the stairs but the worry is that he will slip and re-injure his back.    We have 5 more sessions planned and then we will see how he is doing.

We went to our annual Pumpkin Patch visit last weekend!  It was as awesome as always.  This was our 5th year going!!

How did he get so grown up all of a sudden?

The best of many photo attempts....

She spent a lot of time climbing over and under these ropes!

So much cute and so much naughty in one tiny person!!

Lolo driving his sister around in a tractor :)

Milking a fake cow