Monday, April 21, 2014

And then there were 3 (dogs, not kids)

Rob told me a few weeks ago that he wanted another site dog, specifically, another chihuahua.
I was toying with the idea of getting another dog to do agility with, but, when I got into my masters program, I decided that another agility dog would have to wait.

So, we heard from a friend that there was a lovely little chihuahua at a local shelter.  Off we went on Friday to JUST LOOK.  We even had a pact to wait 24 hours after meeting him to decide.  Well, those of you who know us, know that this wasn't going to fly.

We went to the shelter, met him, walked him and yes, we did get back into the car.  Where we proceeded to drive for 10 minutes before we turned around and adopted him :)

Introducing Taz, the newest member of our family:

He was a stray so we don't know anything about him.  However, he LOVES kids.  As in, goes up to Loic and paws to be pet then curls up in his lap.  Loic totally adores him.  We think he is a young adult and he was neutered last week at the shelter.  He likes Tyler and Toby, but when he gets excited, he tries to 'have relations' with them....which doesn't go over too well.  However, he is learning that that isn't tolerated well here.  He also seems to be house trained (bonus!!).

While many people think we are nuts, we are used to having 3 dogs (we lived with Arthur for 5 years!) and Rob is happy to have a site dog again.   He fits in like we have always had him.

And yes, we named him, he didn't know his shelter name and we wanted another T name.  I voted for T. rex but was shot down -  although I agree, Taz is a good name for him.  Oh, he also ignores the rabbits but I would too if I were him, they are much bigger than he is.

Welcome to our crazy little family Taz!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Random pictures and some school news

First, a picture of the bunnies in a carrier, because it makes me smile:

Don't panic, they are only in it to go from inside to outside - never more than one minute at a time!  We get them outside every day for a few hours; either in their x pen on the deck or on the lawn.  I think they really like it (and no, they don't seem to like being in the soft crate but it means one less trip - these are not little bunnies!!)

The kids and I have been to the farm a few times in the past couple of weeks.

Adorable!!  I have about 10 pictures of him smiling at the camera and her doing everything but

A dog update now.  Tyler is doing really well, he can now do off leash time and he loves going swimming.  We are letting him do stairs on his own again and when we are home, are letting him get up and off the couch on his own (slowly).  We are still taking away the cushions when we aren't home because we worry about him launching off the couch and over the coffee table if anyone comes to the door....silly dog.  We are at the 6 month post injury mark and I am impressed with how far he has come, and more importantly, he is pain free.  His gate is still 'off' but, I think you have to know what to look for to be able to tell.

So handsome.  That is our 'Tyler anti-slip flooring' solution.  Classy looking!!  It works so well to help dogs with back issues on slippery flooring.  We are now looking for alternatives now that is is feeling more stable, maybe some industrial mats?

And now for some school news!  In September, Loic starts Kindergarten.  Where does the time go??
Also in September, I start Grad school.  Yes, I am heading off to get my Masters degree and am very (VERY) excited.


Saturday, April 5, 2014

Happy Birthday to the Pinch!!

Happy Birthday sweet baby girl!!

From this:

 5 minutes old....makes me feel like crying looking at this!!

Less than a day old, so so perfect

To this:

Learning how to love Nutella!

Here she is with her absolute favourite person, her dada, or as she yells "DADA!!!"

Our little girl is so well loved, she is so so so funny, and we cannot imagine life without her.  My heart melts whenever I watch her and Loic playing together.  I also love listening to her constant chatter - she talks non stop!!

Happy Birthday Maelle, we love so so very much.