Saturday, January 30, 2010


Loic is now 6 months old so we have started to give him some solid food! He has had applesauce, yams and baby cereal and after a few hesitant days, he seems to be liking his food. I feed him after he has breast fed because at this point solids are more for fun and to teach him to eat, which he still gets the majority of his calories from me :)

Here are Loic and Rob having dinner in Vegas, I can't remember where this is, we ate out a lot!
Our first meal! Notice that the majority of the food is on the baby and not in the baby :)

Dogs, Dogs Dogs

It has taken one year, but Tyler has finally learned to stay in the back of my car on his dog bed! A little history for those who don't know Tyler, he is terrible in the car. When we adopted him he was terrible in the car, just terrible. He likes to jump from seat to seat, from the back to the front and is generally a pain in the car. And no, a crate won't work, he has eaten his way out of about 5 of them...Anyways, on the way to and from agility this week he lay down quietly on his dog bed in the back! No one can say that I don't have patience with that dog! I started to teach him to do it last January, because I knew that he couldn't do that once Loic arrived. Good boy Ty.

In other dog news, Jody, you need to become a dog trainer. While I think that I am a good agility trainer and a better obedience trainer, you are a great trainer. I was talking to another dog friend of ours and she agrees. I think you need an eye for dog training; you need to catch dogs when they are doing the right thing and you need to be able to imagine what they are going to do before they do it. This takes a certain "eye" which while I have it sometimes, Jody has it all of the time. All of the time! Anyways, think of all of the people that you can help with this skill! New dog owners could have so much more fun with their dogs if someone like Jody could show them a few simple things. So Jody, please start teaching already! End dog thoughts for the day.

Oh, and a housekeeping issue, I removed the photo at the top of the page because some people (Hi Dad!) thought that the photo was a post and neglected to scroll down to see the real posts. So I have simplified things.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Where did the last 6 months go?

Loic is now 6 months old. He has changed so much in the past 6 months! How did we go from this:
To this?!
Here he is in Vegas, waiting to get on the Monorail.
Funny, happy, lovely little boy.

We started solid foods last night and it was quite anticlimactic. At least he didn't seem to hate it! I know it will take a few months for him to get the hang of it and that is ok. I don't want him to grow up too quickly.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Update from Sin City

Hello all! We are in Las Vegas, we got here on Monday and are heading home on Saturday.
We have seen some neat things - we went to the Titanic exhibit, Body Works and the Predator Aquarium. All were really neat and Loic really liked the aquarium, which is full of sharks, and if you know me, you know that Shark Week is my favorite thing to watch on TV!
Rob attended his builders conference and I even ventured out to see it one day too; there were some interesting things to see there too (although Rob was much more interested than me!)
Loic has been a very good little boy. We have gone out for many dinners and he has been a star for (most) of them. Such a happy boy!

Vegas is a very interesting city. You have to walk through a casino to get anywhere and there are all sorts of interesting people here. Loic sure is a charmer, he has been smiling at everyone we meet. This is his third big trip (Hawaii, Toronto) in the past three months, he is quite the little traveler! The plane trip down here was very turbulent, which I hate, but Loic was good.

We miss the dogs, yes, even Arthur, and will be ready to head home on Saturday. You can't take photos inside here and since it has been so rainy, we haven't taken many! Hopefully we get some photos tomorrow. I lost $3 in the slot machines today :)

Will post more when we get home this weekend, I hope everyone that reads this blog is doing well.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Jolly Jumper Giggles

This is Loic, giggling like a fool at me in his Jolly Jumper. You might have to turn up the volume, his giggles are pretty funny!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Look who is growing up! Doesn't he look like a little boy now? Things are going well with all of us, Loic is sleeping better at night, which is great, and the dogs are all doing well. We are going to Vegas next week, which should be fun! This will be Loic's third plane trip in the past three months!
My little helper! Well, he isn't quite helpful yet but he sure likes to grab at stuff now!
The three boys on the couch. Aww.
A close up of Tyler's stitches, he had a lump removed and it is benign - yeah!

We will take lots of photos in Vegas, which I will post when we get home. Loic and I went to Ikea yesterday and Jody and Loic had a great time testing all of the baby furniture! He sure loves playing with Aunt Jody. Then, after nap time, we went to visit with Aunt Deb and we met her new puppy - who is simply adorable.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Nap Time

Loic is getting quite predictable about nap time. He usually wakes up between 7 and 8 am and then naps 2-3 hours later for an hour or two. He is then awake for another 3 hours and then takes his second nap. He usually falls asleep while nursing and I then carefully put him in his crib. This system works well about 90% of the time, but, sometimes when I put him down his eyes pop open and he proceeds to grin his little face of! I can't help but smile back at him, so we then have to start all over again. Funny, funny little boy. I can't believe what a sense of humour he has at this age - I predict that he will be a riot when he gets a little older and starts talking! It is so easy to get him to laugh and he finds most things that we do quite funny; right now sneezing, coughing and hickuping are his favorite sounds. Oh, and anything Tyler does.

The other good part about nap time is that I can do laundry and make dinner - very exciting, I know. :)


Poor Abby and Toby!

Jody and I took the dogs for a walk on January 1st in the pouring rain and wind, so, no photos from the walk. But - we did torture Abby and Toby when we got home by making them wear dog boots! Those two are too funny and they both give the exact same *angryterrier* look. Funny dogs.

Toby has given up in this photo and is hiding his boots!
Oh Toby!
They are really very similar these two! Don't worry, they only wore the boots for a few moments :)