Wednesday, September 18, 2013

East Coast Grandma is here

We picked Rob's mom Barb up from her other son's house on Friday and have been having such a great visit.  She is here for almost a month from Toronto but we have to share her with her other family while she is here :)

Mom/Barb/Grandma has been spoiling all of us, but more importantly, the kids have been having such a great visit with her!  We have been to the Farm, shopping for little girl clothing (Barb bought Maelle some *adorable* pink leg warmers), been to Pink Berry and have just been having a great time.  Rob, Barb and I also had a lovely kid-free dinner this week at one of my favorite places to eat (Arm's Reach Bistro) and tomorrow Barb and I are getting manicures!  I think the last time I had a manicure was at my wedding....over 8 years ago now....

Rob and I took this week off to relax and recharge at home, and to enjoy his mom's visit without work getting in the way.  The kids have been mostly at home with us but are going to daycare tomorrow so that I can hike, Rob can golf,  Barb can go out with friends for lunch and so that Barb and I  can get manicures.  It feels so very decadent to have a day off while the kids are in daycare (sorry kids!!).

Tyler has been so lucky too - Barb has taken him on some great hikes while she has been staying with us. Barb is going to come watch me teach Rally tomorrow night - should be fun!  I hope Tyler listens to me while she is there :)

Rob and I went to a very (very) fancy party on Saturday where I danced my heart out.  It was amazing. I may have also had too much wine...however, Barb babysat both Saturday evening AND Sunday morning for us.  I need to figure out a way to hire that early morning babysitter so that we can sleep in more often.  It was pretty much amazing.

On Monday while Barb walked Tyler Rob and I took the kids to the local Ecology Centre, which was fun.

Coming up this week:  Rob and I are going to dinner together, we are all going to eat at my folks this weekend plus many more coffees, dog walks and grandkid cuddling.  Oh and good food thrown in for fun - we made homemade lasagna, and I plan on making some salad rolls and a great soup too.

Now some pictures!

Maelle with her many jewels :)  We are sure in for it later on!!

Loic and his new friend!  

Pink leg warmers, cow boots, brown tights, oversized sweater and hat - adorable

Loving his Pink Berry!!

Kids to water are like moths to a flame; here we are at St. Andrews park earlier in the week

Loic and I went to a very 'Pintrest oriented' birthday party with a real spiderman last weekend!