Thursday, December 29, 2011

General updates

Christmas was great at our house; we hosted a big dinner on the 24th and went to our good friends house on the 25th. Loic loved opening gifts and really got the hang of it this year! He got some lovely things, his favorites being a drill (which came in a beautiful tool set for kids) from Dave and Linda, his giant yellow digger from my folks and all of the lovely books he received.

We put Loic down for a nap yesterday and he was mad that his Dad wouldn't read him a third book, so, he decided not to nap and to instead take off all of his clothes, including his sleep sac and diaper! We heard him chatting so went in to check on him and found this:

So so funny! I asked him where his pj's were and he said: "Over there!" then giggled. He naps so well that we couldn't be mad - we got him back in his pj's, had a quick cuddle and off he went for his nap, a little late but it was all good :)

Baby is doing well, I am now almost 27 weeks along now and I can feel her moving all of the time which is really nice. We are going for a growth ultrasound in about two weeks for my peace of mind, I have put on less than 10 pounds at this point but my uterus is measuring on track so the Doctor isn't worried. I had put on a lot more at this point with Loic but I am trying to not worry.

The dogs are all doing well, even though a certain black lab is a bit fat - I think it is a combo of him getting a lot of Loic's left overs and the fact that he got into his bag of kibble the other day...