Friday, September 24, 2010

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to L.A. we go!

Tomorrow morning, at 5:45, Rob is driving Lolo, Jody and I to the airport for our trip to L.A.!
We will be back on Thursday with many photos and stories to share!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Lions and Tigers and Walrus - oh my!

First of all, thanks to Aunt Tiny for the ride-on giraffe! Coolest toy ever and Lolo LOVES it! He climbs on himself now :)

Bad iphone photos, but you get the idea!

Jody watched Loic all day today and they had a great day! These aunties of his spoil him :) She took him to Winners to buy the halloween costume I had picked out...prepare yourself for the cutest thing that you will ever see. Seriously. Ready? Scroll down.....

A cute fuzzy WALRUS!!!


Rob put him in it when he got home tonight and we all died laughing, the Walrus joined right in. He thought that it was pretty darn funny as well. It has little flippers for hands and feet - we will break out the real camera tomorrow night to take real photos. Trick or treating here we come!! (And yes Jody, we can all split the candy :))


Friday, September 17, 2010

It was bound to happen and exciting news!!

Well, it has finally happened. We had a giant baby poop incident tonight, at the dinner table. Loic hadn't gone #2 in over 24 hours (a bad sign for sure) and at dinner he made some, ahem, suggestive faces. So, after dinner, he was covered in rice so I decided to take his pants off before taking him down the hall for his bath when It Happened. There was poo everywhere. He had it all down his leg and while Jody screamed "I have to be in front! I have to be in front!" while trying to shield my body from the poo leg, I was laughing hysterically while we all ran down the hall (3 adults, one baby, multiple dogs). Rob took control of the situation and dumped the baby, clothes, diaper and all, into the waiting tub. After an underwater changing, we emptied the tub, washed it, and started again. We lost an outfit (too small anyways) in the process. Funniest 5 minutes ever.

Also, I was at my class today (BCIT Leadership training) and Jess watched Loic for us. They had a great time! She took him to see Jody at the aquarium, fed him two meals, went to the park and generally had a great time. Thanks Jess!!! Oh, and Loic napped for three hours without me nursing him (he is growing up and will soon leave me for college...)

Now for the exciting news: Erin is getting married! She got engaged today, on her 30th birthday. A giant CONGRATULATIONS to Erin and Tom!! And as an aside, if you get married in the UK, France or elsewhere requiring a plane, can you do it before July 25th? That way we don't need to pay for Lolo's airfare :) Just kidding, any day is fine, any location is fine and we can't wait!!!!!


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

PNE 2010

It was at the PNE 7 years ago that we met Tyler, who was at the VAS booth in a crate. Every since then, Rob and I try to go the PNE every year and we always have a good time. We took Loic this year and he just loved it! We watched cattle penning, ate doughnuts and fried food, looked at the animals and went on two baby rides with him - what a riot.

He loved the merry-go-round and shrieked when I took him off!

Sitting in the train with Dada!

Waiting in line with Dada

Loic now has a cold :( meaning none of us slept last night. I had *3* cups of coffee today just to keep on my feet. Here is hoping that tonight goes better for all three of us. The saving grace? Jody didn't hear a thing! I was really worried that she would hear the scream-fest going on upstairs.