Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Big Changes

Where to begin!

I will start with the pets.
We are now the proud (terrified?) owners of an Emperor Scorpion named 'Pinchy'.  Pinchy came to us after we tragically lost Dot (our praying mantis); Dot became impaled on a cactus....darwin award for sure.  Anyways, Loic was crushed and when one of his teacher asked if we wanted a scorpion I said yes because we had the tank and Loic *loves* scorpions.  He draws them very well and knows everything about them.  When asked, he will tell you all sorts of scorpion facts.

Say 'Hi' to Pinchy:

He isn't poisonous, and apparently hasn't every stung anyone but did pinch his old owners ex-boyfriend.  Maybe he is a good judge of character?  We have never and will never hold or handle him; I used a soup spoon to move him into his new house 

We sadly lost one of our bunnies in July, Thumper.  I was upset because she didn't seem ill but every rabbit person we asked said that they just die sometimes.  I didn't want Pancake to be lonely, he and Thumper were siblings, so off to the shelter we went and we found Waffles!  She is from the same shelter where we adopted Tyler 11 years ago.

Say 'Hi' to Waffles Wyldestyle:

Much more cuddly than Pinchy!
It took a few weeks, but now Waffles and Pancake are best friends. 
Waffles is funny, she likes to run laps of our deck and she LOVES her treats!

Speaking of dogs, all 3 are doing well.  Tyler has started to move better, 10 months after his accident. It is really neat to see.  He is almost back to normal and is only getting a massage once a month.  He can run of leash and the only big difference is that we don't do agility any more.  I am also super careful with how he gets onto and off of the couches.  He isn't but I try to make him do it slowly!  He isn't in any pain, and is happy as can be.  We adopted him 11 years ago and I cannot believe how time flies.  11 years!!

Taz continues to be a fun addition to the family.  He is a funny, sweet little chihuahua.  He loves stuffed toys, and still loves Loic.  I can usually find him sleeping on Loic's bed at night, it is very cute.

Toby is also well, although he has a sore paw this week.  I think he hurt it while jumping over the baby gate to get to our bed one day; now we just let him in and shut the gate behind him :)

Now for the children!  Both are doing so well.  Maelle continues to amaze us with her vocabulary and her, ahem, strong willed character.  She is a funny little thing!  Also, she loves her baby - she is always cuddling, feeding and talking to her baby.  The baby's name?  Baby Erika.  Maelle will be 2.5 in a month of so - and as she likes to tell you she is "Not a baby!" but a big girl.

Loic is now 5.  5!  He was supposed to start kindergarten this week, however, due to the strike, that is on hold.  It was a bit of a struggle, but we are keeping him in his daycare until the strike ends.  He loves it there and his buddy Holden will be with him.   He is one smart kid that one!  Nothing gets past him and he has such a sweet nature.  Loic now rides his two wheeled bike like a champ - thanks to a week at bike camp - and is back in Triathlon club starting this month.  

The garden was a big success this year.  From tomatoes, to cucumbers, to blueberries and kale (so much kale....) we eat something out of the garden daily.  I became sick of green beans at one point and am now putting zucchini in many dishes :)  I started an asparagus patch and look forward to eating some in a few years.  I finally succeeded with parsnips and grew the hottest chill peppers ever (sorry Rob!!).  So much fun.

I start school today.  Well, my first day of class is tomorrow.  It is very exciting!  I am doing a masters program at UBC and started my one year leave of absence from work today.  Feels like a big big change, that is for sure.