Sunday, January 9, 2011

Odds and Ends

Hi all, this is going to be a general updating post.
Loic is doing very well, he is going to be 18 months old at the end of this month - where oh where does the time go?! He can say a lot of words now and knows many different animal sounds. We have gone to the farm and the aquarium in the past two weeks and he loves both places. He especially loves the chickens at the farm.

Tonight we had an epic poo incidence at our house. Epic. Picture poo running down the inside of Lolo's pants, into his shoe, out his shoe and then all over the floor. Needless to say, a few baths were had, the floor is now very clean and the baby is feeling much better!
Tomorrow night we are having an impromptu Monday night dinner party for my parents, Dave (Linda can't make it), Jody, Rob, Lolo and I. Rob went crabbing with Dave and Stu and ended up bringing home about 4 crab and a lot of prawns!! We will start out dinner with steamed crab and prawns cooked in butter, garlic and lemon followed by the Pioneer woman's beef drip with spicy peppers on buns and a jalapeno cole slaw. (The beef is in my slow cooker, ready to go in the am). Should be fantastic!

The dogs are doing well, Jody and I took them to the woods today and they had a blast. The naughty terriers (Toby and Abby) were in prime terrier mode and the good boys (Tyler and Ryan) were there usual goofy well behaved selves. We tend to go to Bridgeman a lot and this was a nice change for all of us.

Now onto some pictures:

Lolo in his big boy pj's! So cute. Will have to post a picture of his new tool themed pj's

Another shot of four dogs in the back of my Fit :)
Toby is NOT impressed.

Watching TV with Grandpa

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Rob and I did something today that we rarely do - we bought Lolo a big present! We got him a giant wooden train table and all of the track, trains and buildings to go with it. Lolo is a big Thomas fan and has now played with the same track at Go Bananas (indoor play area for kids) so we decided to splurge on the whole set. Lolo had a gift card from East Coast Grandma (thank you again!) and we got the table for 12% off because the box was damaged so we went for it.
Rob just set up the actual table and one set of tracks and a few trains; we decided to put the really cool stuff away for now - it comes with a helicopter, train station, house, signs, trees, tunnels, a crane, cargo, bridges and all sorts of other cool stuff. Not sure if Rob will be able to wait until Lolo is ready... :)
Lolo has a toy Thomas train that he loves that fits on the track - we will see what he thinks tomorrow morning when he gets up and sees it! We put it at the bottom of the stairs in an open area that we don't use much because it takes up a lot of room.


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

After a bad day yesterday (trip to clinic turning into trip to the hospital turned into CT scan of my head) today is a much better day. Things looked A-Ok on the CT scan, which was a relief. Not sure what is going on with my eyes, headache and dizziness yet, but a clean CT scan is great.

Now onto Loic! He is such a funny little man. I have loved having the last week off with him. We have gone to the farm twice - he tried to kiss all of the chickens today while saying "buc buc buc" (his sound for chickens) which is adorable.

Here is a video that Rob took of Loic, we are teaching him how to say "Please" and it comes out as "Peas" which is adorable.

Ack - can't handle the cuteness!!!!!