Friday, March 25, 2016

A new addition & an aquarium visit

No no, not a baby but a pony!!

A 5 year old POA (Pony of the America's) she is lovely and sweet.  She is in the states but has passed her vet check and we hope to go get her on April 2nd, we are just waiting for the official paperwork from the vet so that we can bring her over the border.  Meet Sparrow (I only have my hand up like that to get her to look at me):

The kids and I are SO EXCITED.  We got the stall right next to Jeff, which is amazing.  I can look in on Jeff and my mom can look in on her.  I will ride her, the kids will ride her and my two good friends have daughters who will ride her and pony club her.

Can't wait for her to come home!

Also, this is Loic at the aquarium 6 years ago:

And yesterday:

Maelle has never been to the aquarium.......classic second kid I tell you!  :)
The three of us had such a nice time together, they are really at fun ages to take out and about.



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  2. So excited to have a new pet that doesn't live at home!!!