Sunday, September 13, 2015

A Big Girl Bed

This weekend we got rid of Maelle's crib and installed her Big Girl Bed (aka Loic's old toddler bed).
Where did my baby go??  She loves her new bed, which is nice.  She has also stayed in it for a few naps and one sleep - we shall see how that goes!  Such a big girl she is.

Reading stories in her Big Girl Bed

Look who else is growing up!

I was reading that these are funny ducks to own as pets and they certainly are!  Both are brave, and both will take on the poor dogs for no reason.  The only dog who still even looks at them is Toby, and even a look invokes a poke from a duck!  Very funny.  They love, love, love having the kids dig for worms for them - if we let him, Loic would spend hours digging for them in the garden.  Both ducks sit about 1 inch away from him and wait to be handed worms :)  I am interested to see what colour the ducks end up - it is fun to google 'what colour will my Muscovy duck end up?" :)  I am slowly but surely building myself a city farm!

We went back to watch the salmon in a creek near our house with my parents this am and I got this photo:

A lovely photo!

Tomorrow is week 2 of Grade 1 for Loic - he seems to be liking it so far.  I am at work this year and can't take him myself, which is taking some getting used to.  I will have a lieu day next week and am looking forward to seeing his class.


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