Thursday, September 3, 2015

New things to share

Next week marks the end of my one year educational leave of absence.  I did go back to work 6 weeks ago to do another job within my organization, which was a great experience.  I learned so much and had a great time meeting new coworkers.  I think if possible, more people should try other jobs within their organization - it was certainly informative for me to see what other people do!

We decided to get some new pets.  Now, if you work with me - hush up! :)  I will add that by 'we' I mean Loic and I (Rob - you sure are a good sport!)

Meet Echo and Delta:

They are baby muscovy ducks - thanks to Aunty Jody :)  Muscovy ducks are quiet, friendly ducks.  I plan to use them to provide fertilizer for my garden AND to get them to eat bugs!  They are also just going to be fun to have around.  Rob built them an amazing house, and Loic and I sure love to feed them.  Their current favourites are cherry tomatoes and lettuce.  Oh, and they like kale too.  We are enjoying watching them grow up before our eyes.  We hope at least one, if not both, are girls.  But only time will tell.

Loic starts Grade 1 next week.  I can't believe it - how on earth did the summer go by so quickly?  Well, I guess I was writing and presenting a thesis, working, recovering from a broken knee and parenting my two funny kids :)

Not to be left out, the house bunnies are also doing very well:

He isn't really all that fat, it is more hair than anything.  After a year and a half of ranging upstairs, she took the leap down three stairs last night.  They also like to practice their speed laps by running around the living room at night.  The dogs now totally ignore them, in fact, that sassy lop eared bunny picks on Tyler - she likes to move onto his dog bed!  Very funny.

The kids sure had a nice summer.  Loic did camps - up Grouse and Seymour, bike camp and a cute rec centre camp.  Maelle had her normal daycare schedule plus both kids had some lovely days with my folks.  They went to the beach with them and ate onion rings - who could ask for a better day??

Taken in Point Roberts at my year end weekend with my fellow UBC grads

Lunch at White Spot with East Coast Grandma!  

Then there are these three:

I am getting worried about Tyler.  He is acting the same as ever - case in point, he did $1000 worth of damage to my car this week when he decided 5 minutes was too long to be in the car so he ate the rear headrests.  And the actual car.  Ahhhh Tyler.  I will be paying the $300 deductible.  Good times.  He is, however, peeing more than normal.  I think I will take him in for a checkup soon.  We have now had him for 12 years!  His adoption anniversary was last weekend.  We sure love him, car eating habits and all.


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