Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Great photos from this weekend

First of all, how did this happen???  How??

Grade One!

Here he is last year (I forgot to have him hold a sign) on the first day of Kindergarten:

(Pretend this says October, 2014)
Then here is he is Preschool:

It is all happening too quickly!!!!

And here is another cute little thing:

Maelle age 3 (going on 13)

The kids and I took the dogs for a walk yesterday to watch salmon jumping.  I spotted a big rock and decided to try for a kid-dog photo.  Here is the end result (obtained by telling the kids I had smarties in my purse :)):

Tyler decided to artistically look away :)

And I call this photo "Boots, A skirt and Two baby ducks":

Speaking of ducks, we have now spent a few days feeding them bugs and oh my gosh, the ducks are thrilled.  Loic and Maelle (ok, ok, me too) dig in the dirt and find them worms.  It is slightly gross to watch (especially when my kids gleefully equate it to eating pasta!) but man are these ducks tame!  And they sure love the worm-providing kids :)


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